About us

Set up change for success!

Whether it’s welcome or not, most change is hard.

Businesses that ensure change is set up effectively are more likely to endure the disruption, emerge stronger, and bring people on the change journey with them.

Did you know that a large proportion of projects and change initiatives fail to achieve their intended benefits? The reasons for this vary, but most failure is attributed to projects and initatives not being setup for success at the beginning.

Don't leave your change to chance.

Set up your project or change initiative for success with strong sponsorship, aligned leadership, and a clear and compelling case for change that inspires impacted people to make the necessary changes. This is the difference between merely implementing versus actually realising desired outcomes.

Do you need some help to set up change for success in your business?

How we work with clients

Consult & Advise

When you are initiating, sponsoring or leading projects or change initiatives in your business -

    • Do you have a compelling case for change and vision of the future?

    • Are you clear about what kind of change is being initiated?

    • Do you understand the scope of the change and how various stakeholders will be impacted?

We work with change sponsors and leaders in a consulting and advisory capacity to:

  • clarify and scope the impacts and risks of the change being initiated;

  • setup change governance;

  • help envision the desired outcomes;

  • develop and align leaders around a shared vision, and

  • plan the approach for how change will be delivered to maximise involvement, engagement and committment to change throughout the journey.

Coach & Mentor

When you are the sponsor, leader or change practitioner in your business -

    • Do you understand the requirements of your change role?

    • Do you have clear guidelines on how to perform this role effectively?

    • Do you have a change methodology, framework and toolkit to help guide you through the end-to-end change implementation process?

We work with individuals in a coaching or mentoring capacity to build upon existing change capability & help empower and support them in their unique change role.

In a world where change is constant as well as increasingly more complex & uncertain, a change approach that includes internal change capability development is often a great way to increase change capacity and readiness to change without being too reliant on external change resources when internal resources are stretched or unavailable.

Collaborate & Co-Create

When you are planning and designing your change strategies and tactics -

  • Have you sought feedback from the people who will be impacted by the change?

  • Do you understand their existing painpoints to ensure change solves real needs?

When it's time to design and implement change, the most effective change strategies and tactics are customer or user centred, designed to maximise buy-in & committment to the change whilst minimising resitance to it.

Our approach to change is highly collaborative, focussed on bringing people together to explore problems and potential, resulting in a shared sense of the way forward. We achieve this by facilitating collaborative & co-creative change design processes that lead to better and more sustainable outcomes.